Sunday, December 7, 2014

2nd Chances

For various reasons, we opted to "trade-up" our folding bikes for the Runabout 8 model from Dynamic Bicycles. The Sidekick 8 had it's pluses, but the "full size" Runabout 8 is everything and a bag of chips. 

The seat and front forks both have adjustable shock absorbers that really make a difference in the ride (watch out for front end "dive" when hard breaking though). The chainless drive system is just plain awesome. It's so smooth... And no more grease on my pants! The 8 speed Shimano shifter is a piece of cake to use (with no worries about the chains). It's light too... lighter than any bike I've ever owned.

 More Info

Next project (hopefully on Christmas break) is to build a carrier for these larger bikes so that we can take them with us on the road. Perhaps it will help us get rid of all that holiday cheer we carry around our waist.

To make the bikes more compact for storage on the truck (we are very limited in space), we purchased removeable pedals. We also purchased bike racks (you have to buy special ones from Dynamic), 3rd party grocery baskets for mine, and of course the obligatory head/tail lights for safety. I'll try to post reviews on those the first of the new year.

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