Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hooked on Chrome!!

No, I'm not referring to the chrome on a truck (although that *is* pretty too). I'm referring to ChromeOS (Google's Linux based, Chrome browser centered, 95% cloud only OS). See my previous blog entry for more on my reasoning behind getting this unit, and my overall goals toward Cloud Computing.

We received our Samsung Series 3 ChromeBox today. Well, not "ours", it's more like our parents' :) but I got to play with it and set it up for them. AWEsome when used with a HD wide screen TV as your monitor :) No issues seeing what's on the screen anymore. If pop can't see things now, he'll just have to forget computing. (see pic of it with FB up).

 I've been working on it all morning and I have to admit I love this thing. I wish we had a setup like this! iTunes is the only thing I don't have an "out of the box / stick with original" solution for... but that music can be uploaded to Google Play and streamed to this unit - so it's not a huge issue. In the end though, you still need one PC/Mac somewhere that houses your iTunes library. While it's true they (Apple) have a cloud setup where you can re-download your music, they don't have an actual online / streaming solution.

In addition to the unit cost, you'll have to spring for a keyboard and mouse (if you don't already have one). If you opt for bluetooth, beware that not all devices work with this thing. You'll also have to spring for a cord to get your video to a monitor/TV. We opted for a higher quality DVI-D to HDMI cable ($60).

I did notice that it updated itself upon first boot. All options weren't there until I had restarted it. I've been through several boot-ups since then (not necessary, but I like watching it boot that fast - lol) and all seems stable.

In all, color me impressed. Tiny, works right out of the box, responsive, quiet, low cost, no viruses to worry about, no update prompts, 7 second bootup, only the stuff you need, easily remove things you don't want... just amazing. I think Google is on the right track on this one.

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