Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fort Boonesborough State Park, KY

June 10th we had the opportunity to visit the Fort at Ft. Boonesborough State Park in Kentucky (click image to right to visit their website).

We've stayed at the campground here many times, but we've never made it to the fort for some reason. Now we wish we had gone sooner. If you think you might be able to go some time, make sure you check out their Calendar of Events on their website. We haven't been able to make it for any of their "events", but it's high on our priority list. We've heard nothing but good things about their events and we can't wait - gotta love Living History sites!!

As you go through the fort, the first few "cabins" show  you what living quarters were like at the Fort as things were improved and upgraded. Here are the first few cabins. I won't tell you anything... again, go see for yourself and learn.

We toured all the cabins, talked with the artisans that were available that day. There is a sort of museum tucked away in one corner building. Take your time as there are some interesting things to see and read. There's also a video about the Fort that plays every 30 minutes I think. We watched it... it's not going to win any awards, but it was informative and worth watching.

The gift shop does have some things that are made there. You can even get fabric spun and woven right there on the grounds - pretty cool!

While there weren't any events going on, the fort was indeed staffed (not completely) and we really enjoyed talking with the re-enactors and craftsmen that were there. It's amazing how passionate these folks are about what they do. I could say a lot, but it's best you go see for yourself. Ask questions, show interest and they'll gladly share with you.

We spent quite a bit of time with the black smith in his area. He was teaching another man how to make some of the things they make to sell in the gift shop. The black smith you see here in the gray shirt is actually the Fort Manager. They have been making a lot of changes for the better lately and I'm anxious to see it in the spring.