Monday, September 12, 2011

Folding What?

If you're on FaceBook with me, then you saw the posts about some good friends of ours loaning us their bikes. We can't thank our friends enough as the whole experience was quite liberating to us personally (though they shall remain nameless to keep them from getting "can I borrow your bikes" requests). We now have a much more positive outlook on our "truck life" health, as well as our mobility (that's another blog entry for later).

We now find ourselves shopping for folding bikes. The pricing ranges from $150-$5000 (seriously). The best I've found is the $2,200 (each) "IF Mode" by Pacific Cycles. Since we don't have that much cash in our petty cash envelope, and I hate writing checks, we will just have to look for something more reasonably priced.
We are shopping based on size, quality, and features. Size because we have very limited storage space. Quality because these bike frames are totally different from regular bikes and can break easily if not built well. Other things we have to look at are the greasy chain (which snags, rips and stains our pant legs), seats, etc.

Brompton is the most compact and one of the most respected brands. They have a chain though and that is an issue, so we are looking for chainless possibly (Kevlar belt or direct drive shaft made by Sussex).

For now, I'll leave you with pictures of an awesome concept bike we found...called the Locust. More on our Folding Bike experiences in later posts

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